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Hi, I’m Mark Adams. I am a REAL coach that motivates and inspires businesses, organizations and associations around the world to improve their game. Whether your team is struggling with leadership, teamwork, communication, sales, or customer service challenges, EnthusiAdams® can develop the strategy to tackle it. My speaking engagements cover a range of topics. Each one is a customized motivational and educational experience.

I am not just another motivational speaker with a canned message. I deliver a focused message and tried and true strategies for personal and professional success. My goal is to create value for the people that I love and care about. I love and care about my audience participants because they have invested time with me.


My presentations are energetic, interactive and thought-provoking exercises. Past topics include:

  • Play To Your Strengths: Real Championship Coaching
  • Turning It Around During Challenging Times
  • The Wolf Pack Strategy- Why We Win!
  • Redwoods: Spread Your Roots and Coach Your Team to Success
  • My Heroes: Lessons of Leadership
  • Winning in Overtime: Championship Sales Strategies from a Championship Coach

I invite every participant to reach out to me in 30 days to share their action plans for greater personal satisfaction and professional success.

Coaching has never been a one-day job for me and never will be.

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About Mark Adams

I was a competitive college basketball coach for 17 years. Today, I am a competitive businessman and national ESPN college basketball broadcaster. I have faced many challenges, and one by one produced positive quantifiable results:

  • As a basketball coach I took over three college basketball programs with a 34% success rate. In my final season, we won 64% of our games, including two championships, Coach of the Year and national recognition.
  • As a salesman, I worked 6 years for a manufacturing company with sales of $46,000,000. Six years later, we doubled the business to $92,000,000. I was the top producing sales professional on the team.
  • In 1999, I set a goal to become a college basketball analyst on ESPN. I now broadcast 35 games per season on the ESPN family of networks.

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Why Hire Me?

  • I am a REAL coach with a unique perspective on what it takes to be successful in today's competitive world.
  • I ‘scout' your individual and key team members up front and use their input and direct quotes to craft a message that fits their challenges and needs.
  • When most speakers are done they grab their check and walk out the door. Not me, I coach your team members long after the applause dies down. I give every audience member my personal e-mail address and cell phone number and invite them to check-in with me in 30 days.
  • I love coaching before, during and after the event!

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