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By Mark E. Adams, President, October 28th, 2011
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Recently I spoke to a wonderful organization and their CEO sent me this e-mail a few hours after our event:


Thank you SO much for your wonderful talk to day. You’re a super man and a great person. Generally, kids are a reflection of their parents. You must have had some special people in your life. You provided real value to us. You gave it your all and were “all in”. Wow & thanks! I loved your messages. Wisdom is well,….wisdom. That’s what you provided for us today. Ideas, concepts, and tools to be more productive and successful people at work and at home. I felt privileged to be a part of it.

The concept I took away to try to apply better in my life is communication. In fact, communicate, communicate, communicate.

· Communicate better with my wife

· Communicate better with my kids

· Communicate our vision

· Communicate by listening better

· Communicate our future, our vision of the “city on the hill”

· Communicate our love for each other

In saying that last one, it reminded me of my mom. I was also lucky and hit the parental lottery. My dad was a great man, an inspirational leader, a lot of fun, and a wonderful teacher. His book gave you a taste of all that. As the saying goes, “behind every man is a great woman”. My mom was something special. She passed away from a valiant fight with cancer this past March. The cancer she had, nobody and I mean nobody, makes it 5 years. Most die in 2. She made almost 5 full years. I spoke at her funeral and when I did, I summed her up this way. With her, nothing was impossible. She was valedictorian of her high school class and graduated college in three years (so she could marry my dad) and was go, go, go. Her car was either pedal to the metal or at a full stop. Growing up with her as a parent, nothing was impossible. Yes you could, you could do anything. She knew you could and told you so. I can go on and on, but how I summed her up is also what I took away from your talk. It wasn’t a bullet point, but it was theme I picked up that is even more basic than what you specifically presented. That is, love those around you and try a little harder. Simple, but powerful. You can move mountains with that philosophy and others will help you do it. I do try to live by that every minute of every day and it has really helped me as a person to better than I would otherwise, it’s helped me help those around me, those around me have helped me, we believe in each other and support each other, we get one heck of a lot done, etc. I also took that from your talk.

Oh cheese, you got me on a roll – sorry.

Not that it matters and it may not be of any interest, but I get a sense you’d agree. My vision for myself in life is simple and it’s what I hope that I can help foster for our people. I hope when I’m sitting and rocking on my front porch when I’m 90 and I think back over my life that I can say; I worked with the best people there were. We were honest, we did it the right way. I’m proud of the job I did, proud of the people I worked with, and proud of what we accomplished. We won. Darn. Wasn’t I lucky? In my mind, that’s what it’s all about. Nothing else.

One thing I tell our people is that somebody has to be the best, why not us? We don’t want to be the biggest, just the best. However, when you’re the best, sometimes big just happens.

Thanks a lot Mark. You gave us a lot, I tried to give a bit back, sorry to wax poetic – but it’s your fault!!! :) ))

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