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A REAL Coach to Coach Your Team

Whether your team is struggling with leadership, teamwork, communication, sales or customer service challenges, I look forward to improving their performance…one person at a time.

Ready to get started? Have some questions you want to send my way? Complete the form below to schedule a brief, no-commitment call. During the call I’ll:

  • Ask you about your goals for the presentation.
  • Share with you ideas on specific presentation ideas based on your input.
  • Discuss cost and availability.
  • Ask for access and contact information for a few key members of your team.

If you prefer, just give me a call at (937) 743-6381.
"Mark is always a crowd pleaser! So if you are looking for a motivational speaker or a master of ceremonies for your next event, I highly recommend Mark."
Cheryl Sorenson, Manager, Credit Union National Association
“Mr. Adams, thanks again.... Our school is a better place because of you, our teams are better teams because of you and our coaches are better coaches because of you.”
J. Scott Schrempp, President, Cedar Catholic HS Booster Club
“I would encourage anyone seeking an uncommon breakthrough experience... to consult with Coach “Enthusi” Adams. Winning is contagious and Mark has caught the bug!”
Mark A. Parrish, CEO, Deceuninck North America, L.L.C.

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Why Hire Me?

  • I am a REAL coach with a unique perspective on what it takes to be successful in today's competitive world.
  • I ‘scout' your individual and key team members up front and use their input and direct quotes to craft a message that fits their challenges and needs.
  • When most speakers are done they grab their check and walk out the door. Not me, I coach your team members long after the applause dies down. I give every audience member my personal e-mail address and cell phone number and invite them to check-in with me in 30 days.
  • I love coaching before, during and after the event!

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