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My Approach

Mark Adams

I am not just another motivational speaker with a canned message. I take the extra time to ‘scout’ your team and become a part of your business coaching staff. I deliver a focused message and tried and true strategies for personal and professional success. My goal is to create value for the people that I love and care about. I love and care about my audience participants because they have invested time with me.

I invite every participant to reach out to me in 30 days to share their action plans for greater personal satisfaction and professional success.

Coaching has never been a one-day job for me and never will be.

As a former college basketball coach I only know one way to prepare, deliver and review for great results. That one way involves preparation, providing specific solutions and reviewing one’s progress.

Step1: SCOUT: I prepare by listening to your needs, concerns and goals. I then ask for access to key team members who then share with me their greatest personal and professional challenges.

Step 2: PREPARE: I then use their direct quotes to better frame my customized presentation to fit their specific needs in overcoming their specific challenges.

Step 3: PRESENT and TEACH: Many speakers just present. I also teach! I am trained as a classroom teacher who was voted as the #1 professor by a student vote at Western Oregon University. Audience members need to be ready to participate, discuss, think, challenge each other and have fun.

Step 4: FOLLOW UP: I provide my personal e-mail address and cell phone number to every audience member and challenge them to re-connect with me 30 days after our time together to review what strategies they have chosen to incorporate in their lives and how it is working out for them. I continue to coach you and your team long after the presentation is over.

These four steps have provided me with a competitive advantage as a professional speaker. Many speakers come in with a canned presentation that they have presented the same way over and over again. I listen first then construct my message based on actual audience input before the event.

Many speakers grab their check and move on to the next event. I invest time in those who choose to take me up on my offer to reach out to me 30 days after the event. I provide every audience member with my personal cell phone and e-mail address. I ask them to re-invest in our time together by informing me of their progress since we last met.

This is a powerful way for me to help others and fulfill my life’s mission to create value for those that I love and care about.

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Why Hire Me?

  • I am a REAL coach with a unique perspective on what it takes to be successful in today's competitive world.
  • I ‘scout' your individual and key team members up front and use their input and direct quotes to craft a message that fits their challenges and needs.
  • When most speakers are done they grab their check and walk out the door. Not me, I coach your team members long after the applause dies down. I give every audience member my personal e-mail address and cell phone number and invite them to check-in with me in 30 days.
  • I love coaching before, during and after the event!

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