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Mark AdamsI am an intense competitive coach who combines a teacher’s natural curiosity with the passion of a motivational speaker. I provide your team with a customized motivational and educational experience. My presentations are energetic, interactive and thought-provoking exercises. I love to teach and coach!

My specialty areas of expertise are in leadership, coaching and management combined with tried and true team building strategies for personal and professional success. I also consider myself to be a sales expert after recruiting world class athletes for 17 years, successfully selling in the corporate world and now running my own business.

I am very comfortable with large groups as a keynote presenter or with smaller groups for break out sessions. I’m excited to motivate and educate any size audience! I have worked with large international corporations (General Mills, Wendy’s, Firestone, Hershey’s) schools, banks, credit unions, medical professionals, private companies and many varied state, national and international associations.

The bottom line is that I create value for you and your team with the way I prepare to bring a specific message designed for your specific team needs. I am not just another motivational speaker with a canned message. I take the extra time to ‘scout’ your team and become a part of your business coaching staff. I prepare hard in order to bring value to your team with a focused message and tried and true strategies for personal and professional success. My goal is to create value for the people that I love and care about. I love and care about my audience participants because they have invested time with me. As a REAL coach I invite every team member to reach out to me in 30 days to share their action plans for greater personal satisfaction and professional success.

I’m ready to coach you and your team if you are ready for me! It would be a privilege to work with you!!!

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Why Hire Me?

  • I am a REAL coach with a unique perspective on what it takes to be successful in today's competitive world.
  • I ‘scout' your individual and key team members up front and use their input and direct quotes to craft a message that fits their challenges and needs.
  • When most speakers are done they grab their check and walk out the door. Not me, I coach your team members long after the applause dies down. I give every audience member my personal e-mail address and cell phone number and invite them to check-in with me in 30 days.
  • I love coaching before, during and after the event!

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