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My Heroes: Lessons of Leadership!

Adams combines his background as an award-winning college classroom professor, championship college basketball coach, nationally known college basketball analyst on ESPN and a highly regarded national motivational/keynote speaker to bring this exciting new presentation to your team. ‘My Heroes: Lessons of Leadership’ is sure to open or close any meeting on a high note.

Adams shares the stories of many diverse people who have made a difference across the world. He will not only share these stories with passion and enthusiasm but also explore how these people and their examples have made a difference in our world. He will guide you team of leaders on a journey that investigates these amazing examples of leadership and how you can incorporate new ideas and tried and true strategies for success.

Learning Outputs Include:

Leadership in diversity and how John McClenon changed the racial landscape in the United States in 1944 with a ‘Secret Game’, a behind closed doors basketball game between whites and blacks in segregated Durham, NC. Adams will guide your team on how to prepare your team for, ‘possibilities’ and future change.

Leadership and courage and how a man named Joseph Kittinger, paved the way for space exploration by risking his life in 1960 with a free-fall parachute jump from nearly 20 miles above the earth’s surface. We all know the name John Glenn, but Kittinger is the real space hero who paved the way! Every team needs a selfless individual who does not care who gets the credit. Kittinger sets that example in an unforgettable way.

Leadership examples are presented such as taking risks like Abbas Suan, who is of Arab descent but plays soccer for the Isreali National soccer team. Some call him a traitor, others see him as a bridge to the future. Mark sees him as a leader who risks his life to play the game he loves. Leadership and common goals will be explored. Adams breaks the ‘politically correct’ rules and shares his research on what we all have in common across the landscape of the world’s five most popular religions. This is an eye opening experience for those who tend to lead by the, ‘we versus them’ strategy and helps leaders to see past the obvious differences and instead, look for common goals and common dreams!

Mark has shown in the past his world class ability to kick off an event or close a conference with a thundering ovation!

Invite Mark Adams to COACH YOUR TEAM! Learn the lessons of MY HEROES!

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