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Mark on John Wooden and Talent

Mark introduces a quote from John Wooden that clearly helps business leaders to focus on THE key ingredient to their professional team’s success- TALENT. Adams encourages his audiences to recognize their own talents and use them but also how to recognize other team members and their talents. The key to REAL coaching is learning how to recognize talents and then putting those talented people in the right place at the right time based on company priorities and needs. Talent is simply the ability to perform a fundamental task over and over and over again PERFECTLY. Too many companies hire people based on qualifications. As a former college basketball coach Adams wants his team and yours built on talent, just like the most successful basketball coach ever, John Wooden. This sample video runs for about 90 seconds.
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Mark’s favorite story about his friend Rachel

Mark Adams loves Rachel. This true story captures why Mark Adams is such an effective coach/teacher/speaker. Mark wrote this children’s book as a fundraiser for a local charity and now thousands have come to appreciate this powerful story. Mark narrates this story about a Down syndrome child who lives in Mark’s neighborhood. Rachel who is the featured child actually contributed to the illustrations of this inspiring children’s book along with her mother Amy. Young and old alike can all benefit from the lessons of this short story. Sit back relax and let Mark Adams share with you this inspiring and uplifting true story about a very special young girl who proves to her peers and others that we all have talents and we all deserve a chance to show those talents! This video runs for just over 7 minutes and feel free to share with your friends.

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Mark on Being Clear About Expectations

Mark discusses the importance of being clear about expectations and uses General George Marshall from World War II as an example of how to lead with very few words. Mark streses the importance for leaders to provide followers with clear, attainable, decisive and specific instructions. Marshall understood the value of hiring good people and then empowering them by getting out of their way and then challenging them to do the work based on his vision. Real leaders understand the importance of putting the right people in the right place at the right time. Marshall chose General Dwight Eisenhower to execute his plan. Think about how you express your goals and action items to your team. Can you beg, borrow and steal a few ideas from one of our countries great generals?

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